Firefighters Lon Gilbert and Bo Medlock

(Cleveland)-White County  implemented a new 24- Hour on duty fire personnel program this  weekend. Saturday at 8 AM the first two fighters went on duty at Fire Station 2, on Duncan Bridge Road.    White County Public Safety Director David Murphy said, “We have three different shifts working, they are referred to as A,B,C shifts and they will rotate every third day.”

 The firefighters will be housed at fire station two, because it is the most centrally located station at this time. He said they have worked out an agreement with the city of Cleveland that sometimes during the day will rotate to the city and stand by at a central area there at the city fire station.  During the week they will be rotating around to the other stations in the county with the other on duty  firefighters to continue to do vehicle and station maintenance.

Firefighters Lon Gilbert and Bo Medlock began the day by checking out the equipment and truck that they might have to use. 

The White County Commissioners back in August  approved adding three additional personnel for the fire department, bringing to eleven  full time paid staff,  and implement a 24-hour on duty fire personnel  plan. 


Firefighters Lon Gilbert and Bo Medlock checkout equipment and truck

Commission Chairman Travis Turner said Saturday, “ I’m personally excited about the fact that we will be able to provide better service to the citizens.”  He also said, “when we call 9-1-1 we can be assured a firefighter is standing ready  to respond.”   According to Turner the county will still utilize the valuable volunteers in the county. 

 Over the next few months, Turner said,  we will be  looking at a more centralized location in the city of Cleveland, such as the rear of the County Administration Building to house a fire truck and personnel.