scam alert(Cleveland) 10/7/2014 – White County Authorities are warning residents about a phone scam that is currently being conducted in the area.  Both White County Sheriff Neal Walden  and Clerk of Court Dena  Adams have advised they have received several calls related to the scam. 

Adams said, according to the people she has talked with, the scam involves a person calling advising  they have failed to appear for jury duty and a bench warrant has been issued for their arrest.  The bench warrant would be relieved  with the payment of a fine by a prepaid debit card purchased at Rite-Aid and they have to call back within an hour.

 Adams advises, this is a phone scam and not the procedure they use.  Adams said, “ we would never call someone to tell them to pay a fine over the phone.”  She ask anyone that had received such a call to  report that to the White County Sheriff’s office.  

Sheriff Walden said he has received calls from several people who have received  the phone calls.   If you receive such a call, don’t hesitate to be rude and hang up on the caller and then report that to the sheriff’s office.