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Wanted – Want to buy 14’ to 16’ Dump Trailer with 4 foot sides in good condition. Also want to buy 10’ to 12’ dump truck bed with spreader gate. Please call 770 654-1163

Wanted: A keyboard, needs to have full size keys and be touch sensitive. Call 706-528-2520


Wanted- Someone to blow some leaves off of a small house.  Have a ladder and leaf blower you can use.  Call 706-969-2160


Wanted – Some privacy fencing and some cement yard statues.  Call 706-963-6646


Wanted – To buy gold, silver, old money (coins and bills). Please call 706-969-2883

Wanted: old barn or chicken house or shed you want torn down will do it free of charge just want the materials.  Call Jenn at 706-297-8928