In high school varsity basketball last night the Warriors were split with the girls falling to the Indians 43 to 69,
however the boys would turn the tables on Lumpkin County and bring home
a victory over the Indians 76 to 45.

The Lady Warriors game began with White County falling behind quickly and would struggle to try and pull ahead of the Indians throughout the game. White County was able to reduce the deficit down to just ten points in the middle of the third period, but were unable to maintain the pressure, and Lumpkin would take the win at 43 to 69.

The White County Boys would turn the tables on the Indians and began their game out in front straight away, increasing and maintaining their lead, culminating in a shortened fourth period. The Warrior points for the game last night were carried heavily by White County Senior Jadon Yeh, scoring 41 of the total Warrior points for the evening. The final score was 76 to 45 in favor of White County.

The next game for the Warriors is an away game next Tuesday versus Wesleyan, and the next broadcast game will be the following Friday, Jan 27th at home against West Hall.