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  • White County Mornings with Dean and Bonnie / 6-9a
  • Healthy Talk Radio with Dr. Asa Andrews / 9-11a
  • Midday Gospel with Stephanie and Buster / 11-12noon
  • The Mike Gallagher Show / 12-3p
  • The Dave Ramsey Show / 3-5p
  • Music Memories / 5-8p
  • The Phil Valentine Show / 8-10p
  • The Tom Sullivan Show / 10p-1a
  • Kilmeade & Friends / 1-3a
  • Dennis Prager Show / 3-6a

FOX News Updates hourly.

Georgia News Network updates hourly from 6a-6p.

Local News Updates hourly from 6a-6p.

Weather Updates throughout the day.

Obituary Reports at 7:30a, 11:06a and 5:16p.

Business, Sports and Lifestyle updates periodically.


  • NE Georgia Living
  • Sam’s Garage
  • “On the House” with the Carey Brothers
  • Homefront Radio
  • Oldies music
  • The Dennis Prager Show
  • Local Updates


  • The Gospel Greats
  • Church Services
  • Bill Gaither Homecoming Radio
  • Local Updates
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