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About the Show

The C&C Auto Show is mainly tailored to answering questions that you might have about your vehicle.  The hosts, Aaron Clements and John Ryan Mooney, are expert technicians in Augusta, GA, and are fluent in the automotive industry. The show has been running since the early 2000’s.

When we aren’t talking about cars, you may find us talking about planes, boats, or even American History.

Aaron Clements

Aaron loves all types of cars, trucks, and airplanes but seems to lean toward small sports cars and antique cars or trucks. He drives a Mazda Miata that the top hardly ever goes up on. On rainy days, he drives a Prius. He also has a 1929 Model A and a 1955 Ford Truck that are in various stages of restoration.

John Ryan Mooney

John Ryan loves anything with a gas or diesel engine in it. His daily driven vehicle is a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD with a Duramax Diesel engine and 6 speed Allison. He has made several modifications to take this truck to the next level. The truck has dynoed as high as 650 hp and 1100 ft-lbs of torque at the rear tires. It is a great street truck and will embarrass most Camaros and Mustangs.