(Cleveland)- As Governor Brian Kemp takes steps to reopen parts of the state’s economy the White County Board of Commissioners has taken steps to protect the county’s budget picture.

During a commission teleconference meeting Monday the board voted to impose a 60-day spending freeze on non-essential items. Given the uncertain financial situation Commission Chairman Travis Turner called it a proactive approach, “ let’s be proactive today and if the numbers hold strong, we’ve been wise, “ said Turner.

The temporary freeze will give the commissioners a chance to see how sales tax revenue will look like for April.  Turner said that he had talked with many of the county’s constitutional officers and they agree with the freeze.  

Also during the meeting, the commission board agreed to open back up the county’s hiking and biking trails, as well as the lake for fishing at Yonah Preserve north of Cleveland beginning this Friday, May first. 

The commissioners stressed with this opening comes the requirement that there will be no social gathering at the facility. There will be no picnic tables and the restrooms will be closed as well. The commissioners went one step further and agreed to open the outdoor pickleball courts at the White County Park.

The commissioner agreed, beginning May 4th to bring county employees off 50/50 schedule they are currently working and put employees back on a regular schedule. All employees will have to keep a 6-foot distance from fellow employees. 

County offices will remain closed to the public for the time being.