(Cleveland)- All but one of the incumbents who had opposition in White County’s election process Tuesday were winners.

Sheriff Rick Kelley and Sheriff’s Office Administrative Assistant Tink Thomas capturing pictures of the sheriff vote total Tuesday night

White County Sheriff Rick Kelley, the incumbent handily beat challenger Robert Morin, with Kelley receiving 3,377 votes to Morins 522. Kelley said he was proud of the win, “Voters have spoken, very humbled to see the numbers, I’m honored and excited to serve the citizens for the next four years again as Sheriff and I’m excited for the future of the White County Sheriff’s Office, said Sheriff Kelley”

White County Commission Chairman’s race was won by incumbent Travis Turner who received 2,649 votes to challenger Chris Dorsey’s 1,201. Turner said Tuesday night he is honored to be able to serve four more years, he commented,”Truly honored that the citizens have given me the opportunity and I appreciate the large support, the turnout, and the folks that voted for me and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope that we are able to take this as the community is pleased of the direction that County Commission is going”.

White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner(L) congratulates Shan Ash on his election win

In the District One commission race Roy “Shan” Ash edged out incumbent Terry Goodger in the election process. Ash picked up 486 votes, with Goodger getting 438. Ash said he is looking forward to what’s ahead. “I appreciate everybody’s support and I’m looking forward to working for the county. I appreciate all the voters and all the people of White County and I look forward to it”.

District four Commissioner Craig Bryant sporting his election night shirt, worn when he was first elected to office

District Four County Commission race the incumbent Craig Bryant won by beating challenger Barry Vandiver 602 votes to 531 for Vandiver. Bryant thanked the voters for his win, “I want to thank the good voters in District Four for allowing me to serve one more time for four years. It’s been a real honor over the years to serve them and I’ll continue doing the best job as I can as I always have. Once again, thanks for everyone who went out and cast their vote, said Bryant”

All other candidates on the ballot had no challenger in the party primary and each will move forward to the November General Election with no opposition at that time.

The final but unofficial vote totals show a total number of votes cast in the primary election process was 4,354.

White County Elections Supervisor Amie Veater said, the turnout was low and the process went good. Veater said, “It went well, really well, we always have hiccups, that’s just elections but we were able to take all the challenges in stride, make adjustments, solve things, and move forward. All the poll workers, I’m so proud of them, managers worked so hard”.