White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner(L) congratulates Shan Ash on his election win

(Cleveland)- All but one of the incumbents in White County’s election process Tuesday were winners. White County Sheriff Rick Kelley, the incumbent handily beat challenger Robert Morin, with Kelley receiving 3,377 votes to Morins 522.

White County Commission Chairman’s race was won by incumbent Travis Turner who received 2,649 votes to challenger Chris Dorsey’s 1,201.

In the District One commission race Roy “Shan” Ash edged out incumbent Terry Goodger. Ash picked up 486 votes and Goodger 438.

District four County Commission the incumbent Craig Bryant won by beating challenger Barry Vandiver 602 votes to 531 for Vandiver.

White County Elections Supervisor Amie Veater said, the turnout was low and everything went well, saying there were some hiccups but they were able to take all the challenges in stride and make adjustments.