Weather(Sautee)-  November was warmer  and wetter than usual in White County, according to WRWH Weather Reporter Bill Kinsland.  The average high temperature was 62.0 degrees which was 1.8 degrees above normal. The average low was 42.3 degrees which was 6.9 degrees above normal.  The overall monthly average was 52.2 which was 4.3 degrees above normal.

 The highest temperature, during the month, was 76 recorded on the 7th and the lowest was 22 degrees recorded on the 24th. Both temperatures were recorded at WRWH in Cleveland. As far as precipitation, Bill advised   White County’s total average rainfall was 11.32 inches which was

5.78 inches above normal.  This was the greatest November rainfall since 1948 when 15.80 inches was recorded at Cleveland by weather observer Mary Lou Sutton.  The county’s greatest 24-hour rainfall last month was 3.30 inches recorded at Helen City Hall. As of November 30th, our average year-to-date rainfall was 71.23 inches which was 11.58 inches above normal.  This total is also 5.47 inches above our normal full-year rainfall

of  65.76 inches  Looking ahead to the rest of  December,  the National Climate Prediction Center says we may expect  above-average rainfall and temperatures.  For reference, our normal high is 50.6 degrees and