(Cleveland)- A total of 28  White County  employees were recognized for their length of service to the county during the county employee Christmas luncheon, held  Wednesday at Babyland Banquet Hall.  

White County Sheriff Neal Walden was paid special recognition for his 35 years of service.  Three employees were recognized for 20 years of service they are:  Cindy  Cannon, White County Tax Commissioners, Robert Hamrick, county networking/IT  Director  and  Captain Scotty Scarbrough with the sheriff’s office.    

Five people were recognized for 15 years of service, Nine for 10 years and 10 employees recognized for 5 years of service to the county. 

White County Sheriff Neal Walden 35-years of service

White County Sheriff Neal Walden 35-years of service

20 years service: Robert Hamrick, Networking/IT Director; Cindy Cannon, Tax Commissioner; Scotty Scarbrough , Sheriff Dept.


15 year left to right: Bonnie York, Pat Mills, Rhonda Hester, Kerrie Dockery and Ben Smith


10 year Left to right: Norman Alexander Jimmy Motes , Donna Anderson, Doug Kinsey, John Murphy, David Murphy, (Front) Shanda Murphy and Tina Couch


5 year – left to right: Ken Payne, Michael Long, Jerry Foster, Patrick Keene, Marsha Shook

Complete list of Employees receiving awards:

35 years

Neal Walden  SHERIFF

20 years

Cynthia Cannon- Tax Commissioner  

Robert Hamrick- Network/IT  

Scotty Scarbrough- Sheriff Dept.

15 years

Katherine Dockery- Tax Commissioners Office

Rhonda Hester 310 –Tax Commissioners office


Benjamin Smith- E-911

Bonnie York- Senior Center Dir.

10 years

Norman Alexander- Fire Chief

Donna Anderson- Tax Commissioners Office

Tina Couch- Sheriff Dept.

Douglas Kinsey- Road Dept.

Brent Maddox- Sheriff Dept.

James Motes- Sheriff Dept.

David Murphy –Public Safety Dir.

John Murphy- Sheriff Dept.

Shanda Murphy- County Clerk

5 years


Jerrell Dockery- Road Dept.

Jerry Foster- Bailiff

Patrick Keene – Building/Maintenance

Donald Steven Lewis- Sheriff Dept.

Michael Long- Sheriff Dept.

Sharla Rena McGuire – DetentionCenter

Charles Doug Partin- DetentionCenter

Kenneth Payne – Building/Maintenance

Marsha Shook- E-911