cigarette believed to have ignited roadside fire Thursday on Asbury Mill Road – Photo WC Public Safety

(Cleveland)-The extremely dry conditions in the area have prompted White County Public Safety to issue an advisory to residents to be cautious especially when shooting fireworks this weekend.

A post on the agency’s Facebook page said a brush fire Thursday in the area of Ashbury Mill Road, west of Cleveland, is believed to have been started by a cigarette thrown out by a passerby.

\Public Safety officials say when using fireworks choose a safe location; find clear, open areas away from homes, dry grass, trees, and other flammable materials. Keep water nearby: have a hose, bucket of water, or fire extinguisher on hand to quickly douse any fires that may start. Prepare the ground: wet down the area where you will be lighting fireworks with water to reduce the risk of fire. Dispose properly: after the fireworks display, clean up all debris. Place used fireworks in a bucket of water before disposing of them in a metal trash can.

Other fire safety rules should be observed as well during the current dry conditions.