Commissioners Craid Bryant, Travis Turner, Terry Goodger, Mary Owens, (Andy’s daughter), Andy Negra, Commissioners Lyn Holcomb and Edwin Nix 

(Cleveland)-Not many people can say they have lived 100 years, for Andy Negra of the Skylake community of White County on May 28 Negra will reach that milestone. Monday the White County Board of Commissioners honored Negra with a proclamation designating May 28 as Sargent Andrew “Andy” Negra, Jr. Day in White County.

Commissioner Terry Goodger read the proclamation that highlighted Negra’s life, as a World War II participant, his employment, and his family.

Goodger said we honor him for his service to the country, family, friends, and community.

After the meeting Negra talked about his philosophy of life, “God only gave us one day at a time he didn’t promise us tomorrow, he didn’t promise us anything other than that particular day and he also says take care of yourself, if you can take care of yourself you can take care of somebody else. The main thing is take care of yourself. The second thing was have a positive attitude if you harp on the bad things it gets worse but if you have a positive attitude and look around you and see the beauty of what God has provided for us you can’t help but enjoy life and get the best out of life,” said Negra.

As part of his military service, Negra served in Normandy, France, where he landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day. Last year he was blessed to return there for a celebration and again this year he plans to travel back to France to join the 80th year of freedom for France, Luxemburg, and the old country and he says he’s honored to go back again and celebrate with them.