Doug_Collins Headshot1(Washington)-  Ninth District Congressman Doug Collins today affirmed his commitment to introduce a Resolution of Disapproval of the Federal Communications Commission’s new Internet rules, which the agency officially transmitted to Congress this week.

 In a news release, Collins said he expects to file “the strongest possible measure at the earliest possible moment” – the first day Congress is back in session on April 13 — “to override another government takeover of an important economic sector.”  The Congressional Review Act allows him to start proceedings once the Federal Register publishes the new rules.

He said that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler failed to provide reassurance at a recent hearing that Wheeler’s decision to regulate the Internet would not harm consumers. A Republican FCC commissioner testified that so-called “net neutrality” rules would lead to slower service at higher prices.

“We have enough problems with poor broadband in my district, just like in other rural districts,” said Collins. “Under the FCC plan, money that could go to infrastructure deployment will go to lawyers, taxes and fees instead.”