AgfaPhoto(Cleveland)- City officials in Cleveland are concerned about  the reported increase in the utility relocation cost for phase II  of the Cleveland  bypass.  The Georgia Department of Transportation is scheduled to let bids on the next bypass phase in November.  Monday  night during a city council meeting  City engineer Brian Rindt  told the council that the utility relocation cost for the next phase has increased from $428-thousand dollars to $1.2 Million dollars. 

In the past the GDOT said they would cover that  cost, now  Rindt said GDOT officials say there is
no guarantee that they will  pick up that extra cost.  During the meeting Rindt said, “ our estimator  says there’s  no way it’s going to be  one-point-two million, if they bid it today it would be well less than that, so its almost like, you know why are we playing with the numbers why don’t you just bid it out and pay for it.” 

The council is concerned if the GDOT  doeesn’t  cover the extra cost, it would be left up to the city.   Councilman Rush Mauney said, “ we don’t any money  to pay it.”   Rindt advised he  will be following up on this with  GDOT officials. 

One of the possible reasons for the extra cost, is that the GDOT has extended phase II to go beyond  highway 129 and up a short section of Hulsey Road.  The Highway 129  intersection has a lot of utilities that could  impact the project cost.