WC-Courthouse(Cleveland)- The White County Grand Jury met this week  for the April term and  was presented evidence in 20 bills of indictment,  resulting in 20 true bills.  Those true indictments include charges of Burglary, aggravated assault, child molestation, incest, statutory rape, identity fraud  and peeping tom.

The grand jury also inspected the offices and operations of  the White County Commissioners  office and found it in good order.   White County  District Attorney’s office was inspected  and the grand jury  recommended that the heating and air conditioning in the upstairs office near the front entrance should be further inspected and repaired as necessary. The District Attorneys office needs additional filing cabinets in order to store records. 

And the White County Clerk’s office was inspected  and found to be in good order. However the grand jury recommended that they receive assistance with additional staffing and storage space. 

The body met Monday and made their presentments before Chief Superior Court Judge Murphy Miller Tuesday morning. 

 The grand jury body decided to reconvene on July 14th for further action. 

Grand Jury 4-8-15

Grand Jury2 4-8-15