(Cleveland)– White County Public Safety’s Emergency Management Division reminds residents that this week ( February 5- 9)  is Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

White County Public Safety spokesperson Bryce Barrett says, “This week-long initiative aims to educate and empower our community to stay safe and be well-prepared during severe weather events. As part of this campaign public safety officials will be hosting daily livestreams on Facebook and YouTube at 3 PM. ”

During these livestreams essential topics to enhance awareness and preparedness of various severe weather situations will be discussed.

Monday – Emergency and Weather Awareness – February 5

Kickstarting the week, we are honored to have Dave Nadler, Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service Peachtree City/Atlanta, joining us as our special guest. Tune in to gain insights into weather awareness and the importance of having an emergency plan.

Tuesday – Thunderstorm Safety – February 6

Learn the distinction between a watch and a warning as we explore crucial aspects of thunderstorm safety. Join us to ensure you’re well-informed and ready to face the challenges posed by thunderstorms.

Wednesday – Tornado Safety – February 7

Discover the significance of knowing your safe space ahead of a weather event. We will provide valuable tips and guidance on tornado safety to help you and your family stay secure.

Thursday – Lightning Safety – February 8

Equip yourself with proper safety measures in the event of lightning. Our livestream will guide you on how to stay safe and protected during lightning storms.

Friday – Flood Safety – February 9

Wrap up Severe Weather Preparedness Week by learning how to prepare for and respond to flooding. White County Public Safety command staff will share essential information to help you navigate flood-related challenges with confidence.

Barrett said, “Be proactive, stay informed, and ensure the safety of your loved ones during severe weather events.”


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/whitecountyema

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/@whitecountypublicsafety