Banks County Fire Station #41 Photo-Google Maps

(Cleveland)- At least three members of White County Commissioners will be traveling to Banks County Thursday to check one of that county’s fire stations. The commissioners have arranged to visit Bank County Fire Station #41, in Baldwin, for a tour of that facility. That is Banks County’s newest fire facility and it was suggested to the commissioners they take a look at it for a possible project in White County.

This past March the commission board voted to find out what it would cost to build a new fire station on the northern end of Duncan Bridge Road in the County, which would be fire station number 9. The commissioners during a March meeting approved obtaining civil engineering and design plans for a three-bay fire station with sleeping quarters for both male and female fire personnel.

White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner says he feels it’s advantageous to them, and the county, to explore this facility, “You can kind of see boots on the ground, per se, how the building’s built. You can see and ask our surrounding counties what worked for you, what would you do different and learn from their experiences. I think that’s wise of us to do that. I see opportunities, especially as our county’s growing. We’ve just got to be more. We got to be wise with how we’re using our time and resources and our funds, “ said Turner.

Turner says they want to see if it’s appropriate for our community and will that type building sit well on the property.   The commissioners are also expected to consult with Banks County officials about the cost and how they handled the project.

The commissioners have had this project in their sights since 2022 when the board approved the purchase of 1.81 acres of land at the corner of Sonnys Circle, Duncan Bridge Road, and Starlight Drive for the purpose of locating a fire station there. Turner said it’s his hope is to have the project awarded by this fall, but emphasized we are not there yet.