WC Public Safety Seal211(Cleveland)- After 12 weeks of learning the basics of how to be an Emergency Medical Responder, thirteen  White County citizens have successfully completed a course in Emergency Medical Responder sponsored by White County Fire Services.

These volunteers for White County Public Safety are armed with training in basic first aid and CPR, immobilization of patients with traumatic injuries, oxygen administration, and even delivery of a baby.

The  volunteers  now associated with White County Public Safety can respond when dispatched by 9-1-1 for persons needing medical assistance either as volunteer firefighters or, when deployed, as C.E.R.T. team members.

Lead Instructor:  Jamie Beck

Co-Instructors: Rondal Robinson

                        Megan Girard

                        Nancy Hunt

Class Breakdown:

White County Fire Volunteer Firefighters

            Olav Buchel

            Taylor Dorsey

            Steve Hopper

            Lauren Rumley

            Shad Sosebee

            D.J. McClure

            Shawn McClure

Cleveland Fire Department Volunteers

            Bradley Barden

            Levi Garrett

            Zack Totherow


            Mark Nielsen

            Roy Stevens

Private Citizen

            Kari Leigh Burke