(Cleveland)- White County Election officials have joined the rest of the state participating in the state ordered recount of the November, third Presidential election ballots.  

That process got underway Tuesday morning at 9 AM.

Lisa Manning White County Chief Voter Registrar said the recount will be conducted at the Voter Registrar’s office located in the Mauney Building at 1241 Helen Highway.  The recount deadline is midnight, Wednesday, December 2nd.

Manning says due to the upcoming county Thanksgiving holidays, White County Election Superintendent Garrison Baker has outlined the following process for the recount;

  1. Ballots cast on election day will be counted and processed on Tuesday, November 24th .
  2. Advanced in Person ballots will begin to be counted and processed on Wednesday, November 25th .
  3. Beginning Monday, November 30th , the remaining Advanced in Person ballots will be completed and the Absentee by Mail and Provisional ballots will be counted and processed through 5pm.
  4. If the recount is not completed in its entirety on Monday ( November 30th), the process will pick up at 9am on Tuesday and will continue until the final recount is completed.