(Gainesville) — Monigle a health systems brand consultancy firm reports that Northeast Georgia Health System’s (NGHS) approach of treating every patient like a person with individual needs is paying off. In a new report, the company said the organization is noted for providing a Humanizing Brand Experience.

Monigle’s report evaluated 209 health systems across the United States based on a variety of factors — including brand reputation, patient satisfaction, quality of care, and community engagement. The survey had more than 25,000 respondents who were the healthcare decision-makers for their household, received medical care in the past two years, and had health insurance.

“People in the communities we serve have choices when it comes to their health care,” said Carol Burrell, president and CEO of Northeast Georgia Health System. “We must work hard every day to earn their trust and loyalty so that they choose Northeast Georgia Health System for themselves and their loved ones. By focusing on the little things — whether it’s greeting each patient with a smile or making it easy to find their doctor’s office — we are building a brand that can stand the test of time and thrive for generations to come.”

The Humanizing Brand Experience report includes leading health systems such as Mayo Clinic, Emory Healthcare, Duke Health and Cleveland Clinic.

The Humanizing Brand Experience rankings were driven by 10 attributes divided into four categories: behavioral, sensorial, intellectual and emotional. Those drivers included:

  • Interactivity: My experiences with them are always positive. (Behavioral)
  • Enhancement: Makes my life better. (Behavioral)
  • Buzz: People I am close to say positive things about them. (Sensorial)
  • Best People: Has the best people. (Intellectual)
  • Herd Behavior: I see others I am close to using their services. (Intellectual)
  • Quality Outcomes: Provides the best medical outcomes for people. (Intellectual)
  • Stress-Free: Makes hospital/doctor visits less stressful. (Behavioral)
  • Contactability: Makes it easy for me to contact them. (Behavioral)
  • Security: Gives me reassurance that they will be there for me when I need them. (Emotional)
  • Navigation: Makes it easy for me to get the information I need. (Behavioral)