Army personnel transfer injured rangers to White County Med unit at the entrance to Yonah Mtn. Road

(Cleveland)- Four Army Rangers training with their group on Yonah Mountain Tuesday afternoon were injured during a severe thunderstorm.

The incident happened around 3:30 PM  and White County Fire Chief Mike Lefevre said when he arrived at the top of the mountain  “ it was pretty much mass confusion at that point because there was so many people up there.” 

Chief Lefevre said as the rangers were training that’s when a tree top fell (by an apparent gust of wind) and severely injured four people. The four were transported off the mountain by Army Med units and then the individuals were transferred to White County Emergency Medical ambulance for transport to the hospital.

Their conditions are unknown at this time. 

Don Strength, Georgia Emergency Management Agency/ Homeland Security  Area 1 Field Coordinator was in White County assisting on another operation, he assisted with resources and coordination. Strength said they were over at Mtn. Lakes Resort getting ready to conduct a search for a missing individual when this incident happened and they all responded.  

 Strength said they couldn’t go into the woods because of the storm and they watched a dark cloud move over Yonah Mountain.

Along with Army personnel, White County Fire and Rescue, White County EMS, Helen, and Cleveland fire personnel assisted with the operation.