Ninth District Congressman Andrew Clyde

(Washington) — North Georgia Congressman Andrew Clyde (GA-09) released a statement Tuesday after voting against H.R. 7217, the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, which ultimately failed by a vote of 250-180.

The bill was considered under suspension of the rules, which requires approval by at least two-thirds of voting members.

Congressman Clyde said, “While I unequivocally stand with Israel, Congress should not — and doesn’t need to — borrow money to support our greatest ally in the Middle East. ”  He further stated, “Given our dire economic situation and ballooning national debt, fiscal responsibility must be at the forefront of all government spending.

According to the congressman, House Republican leadership must reverse course and send a fully offset Israel aid bill, like H.R. 6126 — which passed with his support, to the Senate. I ultimately would have voted in favor of this current legislation if it was fully offset by reductions in other spending, as I firmly believe that we can support Israel in its time of need without putting America further in debt.”