(Cleveland)- Chick-fil-A   notorious Chick-fil-A-logo-mdfor teasing local residents about the building of a restaurant in Cleveland,  is at it again.   It’s been three years since land was purchased for a restaurant in downtown Cleveland, but the company quickly threw water on the hopes of  Chick-fil-A lovers. 

The latest flicker of hope for the restaurant to be build started last month when city of Cleveland officials said engineers began a process of updating their permits.

When contacted over two weeks ago about the possible plans company spokesman Bernard Hendrix  said in an email that, “ It’s too preliminary for CFA to provide any information at this time. We’ll be happy to share any details with you when we have something to report. Please feel free to contact me in 6 months to a year.” 

When pressed for more information and that we knew company representatives had been updating permit information and wanted to break ground during August, Hendrix said he would check further.  A later email from Hendrix state, “ Extremely too early to provide specifics on construction. We will follow up as soon as we have more details.”