(Cleveland) –Georgia continues to prepare and be better equipped for each winter season, and this year is no different White County along with the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, are encouraging residents to take time to get ready for possible inclement weather emergencies this winter.

David Murphy, Director of Public Safety says, “Winter Weather Preparedness Week, this week, is a great time for you to join other residents, businesses, and schools to prepare for all potential winter hazards.” During this week Murphy each day they will concentrate on different aspects of severe winter weather and provides critical information for preparedness.

The focus for each day is as follows:

Monday, Dec. 2: Winter Weather in Georgia — learn about winter weather

hazards that can impact the state of Georgia

Tuesday, Dec. 3: Winter Weather Terminology — learn about winter weather

alerts (watches, warnings, and advisories) and what they mean

Wednesday, Dec. 4: Winter Weather Preparedness Tips — learn how to best

prepare for winter weather events, and put together a Ready kit while making a

plan before winter weather strikes

Thursday, Dec. 5: Winter Weather Driving Tips/Safety — learn best practices

for driving (if necessary) in winter weather conditions and how to pack a mobile

Ready kit

Friday, Dec. 6: Winter Weather Outlook for 2019-20 season

Families can visit gema.georgia.gov to learn how to prepare for emergencies, create family communications plans and more. To learn about specific risks in your area, contact us at 706-865-9500.