(Cleveland)-You will not be surprised when we tell you that we have received record amounts of rainfall so far this February. WRWH Weather Reporter Bill Kinsland has updated the rainfall figures and here’s what he found. If this current rainy trend continues through the end of the month, it will go down as the wettest February in White County History.

Some figures to back that up, in Cleveland we recorded 11.92 inches of rain( and some melted snow) which is 9.31 inches above the normal amount of 2.61 inches. In Helen the 11.24 inches is 8.43 inches above normal. And at the Sautee Weather Station the total rainfall so far this month is 12.07 inches which is 9.55 inches above normal.

From all three stations, the average rainfall for the month is 11.74 inches, which is 9.09 inches above normal and we have two more weeks to go.