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Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Commissioners Continue To Grapple With Short Term Rentals


(Cleveland)- The White County Board of Commissioners spent most of their two and half hour work session/ regular meeting time Monday  dealing with land issues, primary the issue of short term rentals.   That is  where someone uses a house for rental purposes that is less than 30 days.  It’s has become a big issue for the commissioners who have had to deal with homeowners coming before them to ask for a conditional land use permit to  provide short term rentals or vacation rentals. 

Most of the request have been for homes located in a subdivision with neighbors  close by, with many of those neighbors not in favor of what the short time rental may bring.  The commissioners say they are struggling with how best to deal with this issue.  

Monday night they talked about whether they should remove the issue from the land use area and set up a stand alone ordnance to deal with the issue.  

In an effort to figure out what to do the commissioners opened up the meeting to those attending to help provide input. After hearing from people who are part of a subdivision homeowners’ association  and those who are working in the vacation rental management business  White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner  said they will have to have another meeting on this issue. 

Turner admitted this is a challenge for them, “ we need to digest this, folks hear our heart we are trying to do this right.  We are trying to do this and we know we’re not going to make everybody happy  but we are going to try to find something that  creates a level playing field  as best as possible without creating larger  government,” said Turner.


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