(Washington)- Congressman Doug Collins received a letter this week  from Windstream President and CEO Tony Thomas in response the congressman’s letter  last month,  demanding answers on behalf of his constituents in Northeast Georgia.

 Collins said, “I appreciate Windstream’s response, but unfortunately it is more of the same.”   

 Thomas told Collins in the letter,  I commit to you and your constituents that I am personally engaged and fully committed to connecting your constituents’ homes and offices with high-speed Internet. I appreciate your concerns and take them seriously.  Thomas  advised he has established a “ Rapid Response Team” and he said, “  I will establish a team, based in Cornelia, to respond specifically to any Ninth District customers who contact your office.”  

Collins responded,  I appreciate the establishment of a ‘rapid response team’ in Cornelia, but this isn’t simply an issue of poor customer service.  “ Windstream can establish all the hotline phone numbers they want, but until they take their responsibility to rural communities seriously, I will continue to hold them accountable for how they spend federal funding,” said Collins.  

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Windstream Letter