(Cleveland)- White County has entered into an agreement with Eagleview Technologies, Inc. to provide updated aerial photography of the county. 

Interim County Manager Mike Melton told the Commissioners during Monday’s meeting that this company will provide both oblique and standard orthos photography. The oblique product will be more detailed and will provide a view of all four sides of a building on the property.

The contract approved by the commissioners is for three years and will cost $21,000 per year. 

White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner said, “ a lot of people use the photography in many different ways.”  Turner said, in the past, the county has worked with Georgia Mountains GMRDC in a group flyover and he admitted, “ we haven’t had a very good product over the past 5-8 years.”

The flyover is expected to be made in January or February 2023. 

Melton said after the flyover the county should have a finished product within 30-45 days. 

The county will use SPLOST tax dollars to fund the project.