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(Cleveland)- The White County Sheriff’s Office had  four felony arrest during the  month of January, that’s one aspect of the monthly activity report for January just released by the White County Sheriff Neal Walden. 

The report also shows 8 people were arrested for Driving Under the Influence,  24 domestic calls were answered,  200 traffic stops were made, with 105 citations issued, 117 subpoenas served. 

Officers made a total of 110 arrest during the month.   

The investigative division had 1 each death investigation, assault/battery, forgery, sex  offense, child abuse and criminal damage/ trespass cases.  Investigators worked 8 burglary,  4 identity fraud, 4 entering autos, and  2 credit card fraud. 

Officers spent 22 hours in court, and 134 hours in training.

For the complete monthly report click this  link:   JAN. 2016 UNIFORM & CID