Cleveland – The White County Sheriff’s Office has released the details on the department’s activities for August 2021.

The Uniform Division arrest report during the month of August shows 4 arrests for DUI, 4 felony, and 11 misdemeanor arrests. There were 1,578 calls for service, which includes 21 domestic calls and 81 business checks. Officers conducted 154 traffic stops with 40 accident reports, 136 traffic citations issued, and 9 traffic arrests.

Activity in the Investigations Division included 3 death investigations, 11 theft investigations, 5 credit card or ID theft investigations, 3 investigations for motor vehicle theft, and 1 investigation for entering an auto.  There were 48 cases opened, 44 cases closed and 9 cases were cleared by arrest. 150 investigative interviews were conducted, with the dollar amount of thefts during August valued at $125,980 with $125,740 in theft recoveries.

Officers spent 36 hours for courtroom security and screened 2,448 people at the courthouse. 31 warrants and 41 subpoenas were served and 3 evictions for the month were conducted.