Rotarian Rick Kelley and fellow Rotarian’s short food at White County Food Pantry

(Cleveland)- The White County Rotary Club, as part of their community service, gathered at the White County Food Pantry on Tuesday to lend a hand to sort through all the food that was recently donated during the Postal Food Drive in the county.

Wayne Burnett, Director of the food pantry said the Rotarians made quick work of what would take them weeks to do.  “We was expecting ten people today and I think over 20 came, small building but we got it done in record time, all that food was sorted out within an hour,“ said Burnett.

This was the second year for the club to help get the food ready for distribution in time for Thanksgiving.

Burnett said, it always good to see this kind of support and anyone in the community can do the same, “anyone who would like to volunteer can give us a call here at the pantry and we will return your call, we are open ten till noon, Monday through Friday and we really have a good time at this,” commented Burnett.