Cleveland Interim Police Chief Aaron Weiland receives the COVID-19 Vaccine Friday

Cleveland)- White County Health Department officials began the process Friday to vaccinate healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, EMS/EMT/Fire Department, and law enforcement first responders in the county with the COVID-19 vaccine.

A drop-in vaccination station was set up at the County Administration Building north of Cleveland. Those wishing to receive the vaccine were invited to come by between 10 AM and 2 PM.

White County Health Department Nurse Manager Cindy King said they had a  ”  wonderful  response, steady response.”   King said their goal is to get this front-line personnel taken care of. 

Beginning Monday they will begin the process of vaccinating those 65 or older who have made an appointment.  King said the response from the 65 and older community has been overwhelming, in fact, they already have appoints scheduled for the rest of January and all of February.   

District 2 Public Health has opened its online appointment scheduling for the different county health departments in the region. The address for the District 2 website is  The vaccines are available only for those who qualify at this time. No walk-in will be accepted.