White County Fire Division Chief Mike Lefevre- Photo White County

(Cleveland)- White County Public Safety has announced the resignation for retirement of Fire Service Division Chief Michael LeFevre.

A news release from the county said the resignation is effective August 23.

Chief LeFevre has been a vital part of White County Fire for the past seven years and has served as Fire Chief since June 2022.

Reflecting on his tenure, Chief LeFevre shared: “It takes teamwork to move mountains, and we moved several. I am grateful for the hard work and support of everyone in this fantastic department.” He also expressed his hopes for the future: “It is my desire that White County Fire continues to add to the list of accomplishments.”

The news release said Chief LeFevre’s administration has been marked by a strong emphasis on training and development. He has been instrumental in enhancing the skills and preparedness of our firefighters, ensuring that they are equipped to handle any challenge that comes their way. Additionally, Chief LeFevre has overseen numerous capital improvement projects over the past two years, enhancing the infrastructure and capabilities of White County Fire.

“We are grateful for Chief LeFevre’s service and leadership,” said Director of Public Safety, David Murphy. “His commitment to excellence and his collaborative approach have left a lasting impact on our department and community. The achievements made under his leadership will benefit White County for years to come.”

According to the release, Chief LeFevre’s decision to retire comes after careful consideration. White County Office of Public Safety and White County Fire Service wish Chief LeFevre the best in his retirement and future endeavors.