White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner reviews property lines with owner Tara Slatinsky

(Cleveland)- The White County Board of Commissioners were faced with some unusual issues during their called meeting Thursday.  The meeting was held primarily to hear six land use issues. 

Two of the land use request that involved short-term rental requests had some extra issues. The first was a request by Lynn Childress, on behalf of Christy Hamilton requesting a conditional use permit on property located at 41 Kaceys Lane Helen.  As the commissioners discussed this item they discovered there was a disagreement between the county and the City of Helen about where the boundary line was. 

White County Planning and Economic Development Director John Sell advised that the county’s map has the property located in White County, but Helen said it was in their city.  After some discussion, the commissioners agreed property was in the county and approved the request. 

Another item involved a short-term rental request where the property was located near the White and Lumpkin County line on Ascension Trail, Cleveland. After some discussion, it was determined that the house involved was indeed in White County, with nearby property in Lumpkin County.  After giving their approval the commissioners suggested to the owner Tara Slatinsky it would be a good idea to get an updated survey of the property.

The commissioners also reviewed an application by Meghan and Montana Saine who own property on Cabin Creek Drive north of Cleveland.  The Saine’s wanted to build a house on the property but found out that it was zoned Highway Business and they needed to have it rezoned Residential Single Family. 

Montana Saine told the commissioners that the property was a horse pasture when the county adopted land use several years ago and it has been that since.  After some discussion, the commissioners granted approval for that item.