Jennifer Angier , CEO Black Bear Treatment Center shares with County Commissioners their future plans

(Cleveland)- The White County Commission Board has worked through the first reclassification  process,  as set fourth in the county’s  land use regulations.   Black Bear Treatment Center at 310 Black Bear Ridge  Sautee-Nachooochee had requested to the White County Planning Commission, the reclassification of three properties they own, where they  operate the substance abuse and mental health facility. 

The request ask for the three different districts to be combined into one  Planned Development District.  During a public hearing on the issue White County Economic Director Tom O’Bryant reported that Foundation Recovery Network that own the property had met all the requirements, including those dealing with Mountain Protection and Trout Stream Protection. 

The commissioners heard  only one objection during the public hearing, that  from  neighbor property owners, James and Melissa Gill,  James Gill said, their main objection centers around traffic that the treatment facility has created in front of their property, “ we support FRN and what they are doing in the community, we want to see them succeed. All we want is the infrastructure that surrounds them to be intact, that there be things like the road issue that are properly maintained, because of the increase in traffic,” said Gill.   

The County and Black Bear officials are working on the  traffic issue.  The commissioners after the public hearing followed the recommendation from the Planning Commission  and approved the classification change.