(L-R; White County Fire Chief Mike Lefevre, Maddox, Kevin, Savannah Sinclair, Keegan Sinclair, and White County Public Safety Director David Murphy.

(Cleveland)- A White County 7-year-old was recognized Wednesday afternoon for his action on Friday morning November 18th that official credit for saving him and his family.
White County Fire Services was dispatched to a Residential Fire on Autumnwood Way in the Mossy Creek area around 6:15 AM. The fire originated from an apparent electrical issue and filled the home with smoke.
Keegan Sinclair’s quick thinking to awaken his parents, Kevin and Savannah Sinclair, and his sibling allowing them to get out of their home safely, and the fire was quickly extinguished.
Fire personnel and family gathered at White County Fire Station 4 Wednesday afternoon where young Keegan was officially recognized.
During the brief ceremony, White County Public Safety Director David Murphy presented Keegan with a certificate of appreciation and shared with him that he was the hero of the night waking up and alerting your parents, and getting everybody out of the house.
Murphy told Keegan, “ We have these men and women who work every day and run into burning buildings and go help people who are sick and answer the 9-11 calls and go to the things where people need help, so you’re a part now of all these heroes”
Along with a Certificate of Appreciation, signed by Director Murphy and White County Fire Chief Mike LeFevre, Keegan received a gift bag from Chick-fil-A in Cleveland.
Keegan asked how he felt about all the attention he said,” really happy.”