White County Chief Magistrate Judge, Corey Hyde reads about Judicial Power from the Constitution

(Sautee-Nachoochee)- The U.S. Constitution was spotlighted at a gathering at the Sautee-Nachoochee Center on Tuesday.  Dr. Elizabeth Wells former President of the Sautee- Nachoochee Community  Association spearheaded the efforts to have a special observance on Constitution Day.  Twenty-Four  elected officials and community leaders took turn reading different parts of the original constitution. 

Following the reading Dr. Joe Cash Director of School Performance, at Mountain Education Carter High School shared insight about the people involved with developing the document. Dr. Cash also announced an upcoming  class about the Constitution this fall. 

Patrick Brennan, Sautee-Nachoochee Community  Association Executive Director said it was a great gathering, “I’m sure a lot of us have not heard the constitution recently, so we enjoyed having everyone here at the Sautee-Nachoochee Center, and looking forward to Joe’s class that will be starting in October, ” said Brennan.  

 The constitution class will be an introduction to the document, its history, theory and practice and will begin October 24th from 5- 7 PM at the Sautee Nachoochee Center.