cold-thermometer 2-17--15(Cleveland)- As the temperature slowly moves up Tuesday afternoon improving conditions are being seen on our roadways, but there is still a lot of people who do not have power.  Power crews from Habersham Electric and Georgia Power are working on that with the assistance of some outside crews that are coming in.  At noon today Habersham Electric outage map had over 12 thousand customers without power and  22- hundred of those were in White County.  Nicole Dover spokeswoman for HEMC said even with the assistance of additional crews it will take days  to get everyone back on. 

Officials are still asking you to stay at home and not travel, because of the large number of trees down and power lines down as well.

Even if we are able to thaw out a bit Tuesday  cold temperatures Tuesday night  will refreeze roadways and form black ice spots.

Looking ahead extremely cold temperatures are expected Wednesday night and Thursday.  You are urged to take precautions now to deal with temperatures in the single digits Thursday morning.  Protect your pipes, pets and yourself if you go outside for an extended period of time.