(Cleveland)- The latest check with the Georgia Department of Public Health on the confirmed COVID-19 cases in White  County shows the number of cases continues the move up but at a slower rate than a few weeks ago. 

Wednesday the total number of cases was 2,820, which is an increase of 210 for the past two weeks with the number of deaths related to the virus increasing by two since last week., the total deaths is now at 57. 

The White County School System released their weekly COVID-19 report yesterday.  The school system said three students reported positive and five students were placed in quarantine for possible exposure.  No staff members reported positive but one staff was placed in quarantine for possible exposure.

Local health officials continue administering the COVID vaccine, with a massive vaccination effort planned for next week at the Bridge Church in Cleveland.  The White County Health Department reported delays in vaccine deliveries related to the inclement weather but expects those deliveries to return to normal.