(Cleveland)-  An apartment complex in  Cleveland has been described as a hot spot for drug activity.   During Monday  nights  Cleveland City Council meeting Police Chief John Foster told the council that 105 Bryant Street apartments has become, ” a haven for drug activity.”   Chief Foster said they’ve had lots of problems over the years at that location.   

Foster said they were there early Monday morning for an incident in which a female had her throat cut, he said it turned out she cut her own throat, in a suicide attempt.  On July First a suspected gang member was arrested on drug charges by the Cleveland Police and Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement agents.   

Foster said the apartments are,  as he described, “ Falling down” and  there are some procedures they can take to handle the situation, “ I have already talked with the property owners and there is a stipulation in the law, if we can show that it has become a drug haven , it can be declared  a public nuance and  made to close them down, “ said Foster.   

Foster said  when he talked with the private property owners  he advised if they don’t clean up and renovate the apartments he was prepared to take action.

According to Foster that complex does not have a single outside light, because of the drug activity… they’ve went around and knocked them all out.   

The Chief told the council, “ we need to look at a maintenance ordinance for apartment buildings,”  he said since these are rental they get torn up and destroyed more often than a private residence.

 Foster said, we have similar problems at the apartments on Campbell Street.  

*(There are more than one apartment complex on Bryant Street.  The apartments reference are the older units)