Local – The office of public safety has released its monthly status report for April.

In the Communications Division, there were a total of 27,121 Requests for Service to date for this year, up from 22,066 in 2021. Included in that number are 7,173 calls for service to the Sheriff’s Office, 3,008 calls for Cleveland Police, and 2,401 for Helen Police. The busiest day of the month for the Communications Division was the 23rd, the busiest day of the Week was on Thursdays, and the busiest hour was 3 pm.

The Emergency Management Division had 19-year-to-date requests for service, down from 23 last year. The division spent 16 hours on planning initiatives, 71 hours on public education, and 16 hours on staff training. The CERT Team received 547 training hours. There were 4 Emergency Alert System activations and 4 Weather Webinars.

The Animal Services Division had 815 requests for service so far this year, with 98 animal intakes, and 19 adoptions.

The Fire Services Division had 22 fire and 85 EMS or medical calls to date. The busiest station was station 4, and staff members received 796 hours of training. 

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