FYA Signal(Cleveland)- Georgia Department of Transportation  announces a traffic  signal upgrade is coming to Cleveland.  Donald Thurmond Parkway at State Route 11/US 129, the Walmart intersection,  is now closed while the grade of the intersection is raised by 12 feet. The work will be finished and the intersection reopened next Tuesday.  

Brent Cook, Georgia DOT District Engineer said,  “The work at Donald Thurmond is going well. Crews are scheduled to begin paving today (Friday). When the intersection reopens Tuesday, a new flashing yellow arrow will be in place for SR 11/US 129 southbound traffic turning left on to Thurmond Parkway. The flashing yellow arrow will allow southbound traffic to turn left during the flashing yellow arrow. Northbound traffic will not have a flashing yellow arrow.”

The new traffic lights are called Four-Section Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) signals that will be deployed at intersections with historic heavy left-turning traffic volumes.  The FYA signals will apply exclusively to drivers making left turns.  Cook explained, “Our primary purpose is to reduce the often-devastating angle crashes that result when a left-turning vehicle is struck by oncoming traffic. This is the first flashing yellow arrow in White County and the eleventh in Northeast Georgia” 

All motorist are urged to exercise extra  cautions at this  newly designed intersection.