(Cleveland)- In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure for all people present in the White County Courthouse, Enotah Superior Court Chief Judge Raymond George has issued new health measures to be observed pursuant to CDC guidelines and Georgia Supreme Court.

In his directive, Judge George said the measures are necessary to reduce the risk of exposure for people visiting or working in the courthouse until this Coronavirus outbreak has abated and the Court issues an order relaxing these restrictions.

All persons entering the courthouse shall be screened for cough, fever, and recent exposure to COVID-19. Individuals with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be permitted to enter the Courthouse.

Everyone entering the courthouse will be required to wear a face mask and remain at least six feet away from all other persons at all times while in the courthouse.

Courthouse personnel who are not sharing office space or cubicle with another person, or who can maintain a distance of at least six (6) feet from co-employees or others even though sharing an office, may remove a mask while in such office.  

Those visiting the Courthouse are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and are encouraged to use hand sanitizer dispensers that are found throughout the Courthouse.