(Cleveland)- After an 18-month effort the nine-member White County Historic Preservation Committee has made a presentation of their work to the White County Commissioners.

At a Monday Commission meeting committee member Will Wagner shared with the board an overlay document, county map, and letter of recommendation.

The object of the committee’s work was to recognize, help protect and plan White County’s Historic areas.  The committee encourages zoning standards and regulations that would protect these areas while advancing community development goals and furthering and protecting the public’s health, safety, and welfare. During their work period, the group identified two different types of historic areas; (1) religious structures, campgrounds,  cemeteries along with (2) historic residents and commercial sites. 

White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner said they don’t have a timetable, noting that they are currently in budget work, but they will be going through the report and see how it can be included in the county’s land-use map.    

Members of The White County Historic Preservation Committee included:  Blake Boggs, Jason Hogan, Linda Dixon, John Erbele, Judy Lovell, John Sell, Joe Rothwell, Mike Spence, and Will Wagner.