(Cleveland)- White County has its first case of Rabies in 2022. 

Sean Sullivan, White County Environmental Health Manager said on the morning of January 7th  a homeowner, in the Walking Horse Lane area of the county heard his dog barking so he walked outside to see what was going on. He immediately smelled skunk and then saw the skunk in his driveway. He got his dog to safety but the dog had already been bitten on its back leg. The homeowner put the skunk down and reported the incident to Environmental Health.  

The specimen was shipped to the State lab on Monday, and the health department received the positive results Wednesday afternoon. Sullivan said the dog had a history of rabies vaccination and will be maintained in a 45-day observational quarantine.  

Positive alert signs will be posted in the area where the rabid skunk was located. If you live in this area and have concerns about rabid animal exposure, please contact White County Environmental Health at 706-348-7698 during normal business hours.