Front row- White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner, Paul Seabolt, Extension Agent Nathan Eason, Chamber President Beth Truelove. Back row- Commissioners Terry Goodger, Craig Bryant, Edwin Nix, and Lyn Holcomb.

(Cleveland)- The White County Board of Commissioners has designated November 16-23 as Farm City Week in White County in recognition of the farming community that plays a vital part in the local economy.

White County farm-related businesses contribute $108 million dollars to the local economy.

During last week’s commission meeting, Commission Chairman Travis Turner said reading from a proclamation designating the week that “ the agriculture industry provides us with food, clothing, and shelter as well as fuel for our energy needs.”

White County Chamber of Commerce President Beth Truelove speaking at the commission meeting said, “ Our farming families work really hard and tirelessly to make sure that food is on our tables as well as tables across the world.”