Fall Color10-23-14(Sautee)- It’s that time of year for the “Parade of Color” across northeast Georgia.  WRWH Weather reporter and veteran “Leaf Lookers” Bill Kinsland estimate the leaf color will peak somewhere around the first of November.

Bill advises right now the Tulip Poplars have started to carpet the forest floors with their light gold leaves, the Hickories are coloring up rapidly with their fiery gold leaves. Also the American Beech trees around the Martin Mine trail area are developing their “golden glow” as well.  

Sassafras trees are putting on their finest mixes of red and gold….but still have a bit more “dressing up” to do and should peak out next week.

The Maples are gloriously beautiful now with a lot of bright red shades and some yellows as well. They should reach their peak colors by this weekend.

The Sourwoods are now at their peak and their intense red is the most conspicuous color throughout the area. 

Bill also notes with the frosty mornings this week and cooler morning temperatures, generally spur the color changes along rather quickly.