(Cleveland)- Georgia Power has officially launched a new community electric vehicle (EV) charger station at Freedom Park in downtown Cleveland.  

A Georgia Power news release states the EV charger is available starting today, with complimentary charging through July 3rd

Georgia Power said they are proud to partner with White County Government to bring electric vehicle fast charging to Northern Georgia. The installation of the charging station is part of a statewide initiative by the company to enable EV adoption and connect communities.  

The release said Georgia Power is building a network of safe, reliable, and convenient charging infrastructure for an ever-growing market segment of drivers. A charging session requires ChargePoint authorization, which is available online at www.georgiapower.chargepoint.com.

The installation here represents the newest technology in EV fast chargers, offering charging speeds up to 125kW – adding 100 miles in 12 minutes. 

The station in Cleveland offers dual dispensers and power-sharing capability. Georgia Power has installed chargers in several other cities including Rome, Columbus, Lavonia, Kingsland, Tifton, Forest Park, and Milledgeville.