White County Development Authority hears a report from Patrick Larson  with GMRC

(Cleveland)- The White County Development Authority has agreed to move forward with an Economic Development Strategic  Plan for the county. 

During a meeting Tuesday the board heard from Patrick Larson, Senior Project Manager with Georgia Mountains Regional Commission who provide them with details about an Appalachian Regional  Commission grant program that could be used to pay for the research and development of a plan. 

John Sell, White County Economic Development Director said, “ that plan long term would be used kinda as a road map for where the county goes to develop economic development in the future. So it might identify things that we might need like infrastructure, marketing, it might identify strengths,  weaknesses  of some target industries or commercial entities  we might  want to target for our area.”

The grants are offered to counties like White County that provide 50 percent matching funds and are intended to invest in entrepreneurial and business development strategies, improve the education, knowledge, skills, and health of residents also invest in the critical infrastructure of the county.

Board member John Erbele  said, “ I think this body needs a plan, a roadmap.”

The plan when completed will be incorporated into the county’s overall comprehensive plan, which comes up for review next year. 

The next step in the process is to have the county commissioners approve a request that instructs GMRC to work with the development authority on the project.